Monday, April 16, 2012

Queens Bound

I ended up venturing out to queens today to meet up with Shawn and Peter. Figured I would see there side of the world. I enjoyed my visit and definitely hope to make it back out to this far away land.

Trains were super packed. Had Drummers nearly the whole way there.
Queens native Shawn Powers
Oh look a vehicle!
Flipmode Peter
This is a really cool looking neighborhood.
Peter happens to live here
Home Sweet Home
VX capture cam. NBD
Deli food.
This is what the bench looks like at Forest Hills Skatepark.
Very Rare Pat Murray Big Spins. #LOC
This train takes forever!
Home is so far in the distance. Life is so different out here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Run Around

Went skating the other day with Richard. Houston park never gets old.
Richard holding it down.
Rene is in town for who knows how long!

Real Street Art.
This wall is probably all over tumblr
We out to Brooklyn
Seems to be the hot spot for tags
Shabat Shalom
Love That..
Its all down Hill from here
Fun Zone
Multi million dollar artsy lot.
So artsy.
I ended up in Orlando?
Hello Brooklyn
Just hanging out.
I'm a vegetarian now.
Dream house
Get off the fucking phone
Showed up to TF and the whole crew was there. So psyched!
Baseball Season back on.
Ended up venturing to that hot spot.
Fun times with Ty

Monday, April 9, 2012


Turns out we have a little beach
Solomon very much appreciates it.
Dogs swimming in the abyss
TF road

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


No big deal..

Josh Veledge dancing.
One of my favorite dishes.
Nothing beats a fresh batch of these guys.
We all went for the goods.
Mcfeely and Richard hanging in front of what use to be our daily destination. AUTUMN R.I.P.
The Crib
Got this guy now.